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Personal head-canon as a result of this scene: Meg is Eloa. 

Eloa, for those not familiar with the tale, is an angel born from Christ’s tear. Lucifer sets out to seduce her and succeeds. She is said to have fallen in love with him, although she does not know he is Lucifer—only that he is a stranger at odds with God. He also falls in love with her, but he’s Lucifer and his version of love is kind of twisted. Long story (poem in this case) short, she tries to reunite him with God, but fails. In the end, her love for Lucifer condemns her to Hell—which actually makes him sad. He tells her his name as she falls.

Seriously. Meg is Eloa in my head-canon and no one’s going to tell me otherwise. 


from elodiethescribe: omg all the SPN characters locked away in a safehouse somewhere completely amnesiac before getting their memories back and some of them slowly learning they’re demons/angels
omg the demons acting like their original human selves

like in that one episode of Angel or in Tabula Rasa.

Sam and Dean discovering they’re brothers.

Meg immediately being attracted to Cas and Dean rolling his eyes. Maybe Meg thinking she’s related to the Winchesters because Sam feels really familiar (since she’s been inside him and all).

"Wait, I’m a demon? Does that mean you two are demons?"

"I don’t feel like a demon."

"Yeah, well, I don’t feel very demon-y, either, but apparently I am."


"I’m an angel."

"How lame is that? What’re you gonna do, play the harp and say a Hail Mary at them?"



Meg acting like the shy, sweet, bashful human she originally was

Dean being a huge nerd

Ruby being really shy and clumsy

the demons slowly regaining memories of Hell and all the suffering they’ve caused

and being horrified

the angels regaining memories of creation

the angels remembering they’re family

but yeah like maybe SPN characters wake up in a strange house with no windows or any way out, and mysteriously have no memory of who and what they are

*frantic gallop to Skydrive*

dang it i’ve already started the Jo/Abbadon one and the Ruby/Anna one and the all human AU one and the medieval fantasy AU one just…wow what has happened to meee

Male Rapists Typologies and Methods of Avoidance


The following post is an educational post and due to including what reactions deter specific types of rapists the most, I encourage everyone to reblog this. While creating a consent culture that replaces a rape culture involves educating boys and men about respecting women (our space, our boundaries, our value as human beings) we currently live in a world with men who already don’t respect women and who demonstrate that through acting out violently against us. This post gives a brief, jot-note style summary of the different types of rapists, the level of violence and language involved in their rapes and what you can do if you’re able to identify what type of rapists you’re dealing with. Remember, even if they do not stop it is not your fault. They should not have assaulted you in the first place. This is based on information from the College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University. With references from: Holmes, R. M., & Holmes, S. T. (2002). Psychological profiling and rape. In R. M. Holmes, & S. T. Holmes, Profiling violent crimes: An investigative tool (3rd ed.). (pp. 139–157). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Ressler, R. K., Burgess, A. W., & Douglas, J. E. (2004). Rape and rape murder; one offender and twelve victims. In J. H. Campbell & D. DeNevi (Eds.), Profilers: Leading investigators take you inside the criminal mind (pp. 123–132). Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books.

Advisory for sexual violence against women and graphic detail about what occurs (verbally, physically, sexually) during these crimes. Continue reading at your own discretion.

[Note: Please do not derail this post by stating that they are female rapists too. Yes they are, but the psychopathologies and typologies of a female rapist is different from that of a male rapist. This post is SPECIFICALLY and EXCLUSIVELY the profiles of men who rape women].

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